If you wish to reach top level as an athlete and – maybe even more challenging – to stay and perform at top level – constant development is a must. By taking away a great part of the worries and organisational tasks of the player we try to help reach this goal as much as we can.

As an athlete you will therefore be free of distracting formal processes. The player focusses on playing, we take care of business – but: The player always determines his own future. You decide, we provide.

The assistance and care of Box to Box all revolves around creating an optimal structure in the life of the player, so he can focus solely on his performance and development – as a player as well as a human being.

Are players can profit from the following services:

  • Personal assistance
  • Sports focused assistance
  • Career planning
  • Assistance in contractual and transfer related business
  • Commercial services (i.e. sponsorship and PR)
  • Legal advice
  • Financial advice
  • Tax related advice
  • Mental counseling
  • Medical and physical counseling
  • Nutrition advice
  • Citizenship, visa and passport services
  • Foreign deployment (OF: International moving)
  • Housing & furnishing
  • Concert, theatre, restaurant and nightclub bookings
  • Holiday and flight bookings
  • Advice in car buying
  • Educational advice